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Packaging in Windsor

We have an extensive range of boxes for all your packaging needs.
Contact our team in Windsor to find out how best to package your products.

Printed dome confectionery box available from Kall Kwik Windsor. Short run.
Printed tall product box available from Kall Kwik Windsor. Short run.

Packaging from Kall Kwik Windsor

Whether holding a bottle of wine, displaying jewellery to its best, or transporting takeaway food, packaging from Kall Kwik can help your products to attract attention.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, we have standard solutions for your packaging needs. Delivered flat, our boxes and pillow packs can be easily assembled and secured with glue. Capable of holding products up to 5kg in weight, our packaging range is hard-wearing and attractive.

Don’t be left on the shelf – choose packaging from Kall Kwik Windsor.

Cost-effective and short run packaging printing

In the past, having a small packaging print run was expensive. Nowadays you can pick and choose from our standard size boxes in quantities to fit your requirements.

Kall Kwik offers short run printed packaging at cost-effective prices across Windsor, Eton, Ascot, and Old Windsor.

Whether testing the market with a few samples, or printing a full packaging range, at Kall Kwik Windsor we can provide product boxes in quantities to suit you. Our short runs start from as little as two pieces – great for one off products or special occasions.

We also have a wide range of templates available, which can make your packaging very cost-effective. Call us on 01753 831531 to find out more.


Printed presentation pack, low print run from Kall Kwik Windsor. No minimum order.
Printed packaging with very low minimum orders available from Kall Kwik Windsor.

15 Products. 21 Materials. Discover our packaging range

We have 15 standard size packaging options to solve your packaging conundrums. Our packaging is made from a variety of resilient materials, including 240gsm coloured paper, Chromolux and varying thicknesses of board including corrugated for extra strength.

Each substrate has different properties, with a variety of lamination and printing options available depending on the material chosen.

Our short run, low volume printed packaging includes:

  • Dome confectionery box
  • Durable box
  • Garment pillow pack
  • Goody box
  • Jewellery pillow pack
  • Presentation pack
  • Short product box
  • Takeaway box
  • Tall product box
  • Wine box

Talk to the team at Kall Kwik Windsor to discover the full spectrum of options available.