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Finishing options to add value to your print in Windsor

Whether it’s foiling, spot UV or embossing, we’ll recommend the best finish for your print job. Call our team on 01753 831531.

What are the best print finishes for you?

It’s all in the finish, they say. And when it comes to print, they most certainly have a point. A specialist print finish can add something ‘extra’ to an already great design. Choosing the right finish can help your design to stand out, sparkle and shine. If you're anywhere in Windsor, Eton, Ascot, and Old Windsor and looking for some advice on your next print job our team would be happy to help.

Metallic foiling

When used in print, metallic foil portrays class. Traditionally gold or silver, multiple foil colours are now available.

A traditional technique – foil blocking is seen on book spines from the 19th Century – the effect is one that looks impressive on a number of printed materials, including business cards, invitations, reports and letterheads.

Spot UV

If you want to add a glossy look to an individual part of a design, then spot UV print could be the best choice.

Adding a UV coating to particular elements of a logo or image make them stand out. Instantly drying when exposed to UV lighting, the finished varnish effect is glossy, and smooth and lightly raised to the touch.

Often used on folders, company reports and brochures spot UV adds a touch of class to your print. Highlight particular images or words and it can help get your message across more clearly.

Die and laser cutting

Create eye-catching artwork with cut out elements. Used to create virtually any shape, die cutting is ideal for business cards, stickers, door hangers, mailers and greeting cards.

Even more intricate, laser cutting uses a beam to cut and create elaborate shapes.

Die cutting can help reinforce the message you are trying to portray. Just think of the possibilities - if you're a photographer have business cards in the shape of a camera, or if you are a locksmith leaflets in the shape of a key. Give our designers a brief and see what magic they can come up with.

Embossing and debossing

Embossing is where an element of a design is raised from the page. Debossing is where an element is pressed down into it. Whether you want to add a classic look to a report cover or create interest for a business card, embossing and debossing can add a tactile element to any business stationery.

Embossing and debossing can offer both a tactile and visual appeal to your print. If you are looking to create a quality impression then embossing or debossing will help your print both ooze quality and make a statement.

So if you're looking for quality invitations or business cards in Windsor then look no further than Kall Kwik.



For print that is going to be handled by your customers (such as business cards or brochures) the use of soft touch lamination can add an extra touch of luxury. With its peach-like texture rather than just appealing to one of your senses (sight) you’re now appealing to two (sight and touch). Alternatively, a simple matt or gloss laminate on the cover of a booklet can change the look of your print in a very economic way.

Add value to your print with our range of print embellishments from Kall Kwik Windsor. Call us on 01753 831531.