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Are you Print Ready?

For your artwork to be produced accurately, please ensure that you follow the requirements below. For more detailed instructions, please see our Pre-Press Guide.



When an image or frame is located at the edge of a page, you will need to use bleed.

A bleed is when the image or frame is printed beyond the edges of the page (3mm minimum), to prevent any imperfections caused by folding or cutting.

Without bleed, there’s a good chance that a white border will appear between the image and the edge of the page. 

Colour Mode

All artwork should be created in CMYK colour mode. Artworks sent to us in RGB mode will be converted to CMYK by our pre-press system, and will nearly always render unsatisfactory results.




Please beware of setting any text or objects to overprint. As we do not proof-check artworks before printing, overprinted objects can cause serious issues and may only be noticed by you when you receive the finished item.

Rich Black

To achieve the richest, deepest black possible in your design, we recommend using Pantone Process Black Coated. If you are unable to use Pantone colours, we recommend using CMYK values of 50%C, 50%M, 50%Y, 100%K. If 100%K alone is used, the richness of the black may not be satisfactory.

Outlining Text

While artwork saved as PDF will often not cause any font issues, we request you outline any text before sending your file to us. This is usually necessary when using fonts with restrictive embedding licenses or if your design software does not natively export to PDF.


Saving & Exporting Your Artwork

File Formats

We strongly prefer artwork to be supplied in PDF format, though we also accept EPS, AI, TIFF and JPG/JPEG.

Bleed & Crop Marks

When exporting your print-ready file, make sure you include your previously added bleed as well as crop marks. These will ensure the cut position of your design is correct.

Artwork Guides

Please find below links to view/download our artwork guides for detailed information on setting up your artwork for print. If you need any help, please get in touch.


Pre-Press Guide

Kall Kwik WGC - Pre-Press Guide
















ECC icc Colour Profiles

GWG PDF Presets


Product Artwork Guide - Business Stationery

Kall Kwik WGC - Product Artwork Guide - Business Stationery












Product Artwork Guide - Roller Banners

Kall Kwik WGC - Product Artwork Guide - Roller Banners

Need Help?

Our team of designers will be happy to answer any questions you may have when setting your artwork for print.

We can also work with you to develop a design and image which works well for your particular industry sector, your client base, and your intended business direction. Our production experience and expertise will allow us to make sure that this design – and the options you’ve chosen – work well together, and that the production complements the design – and provides the very best possible results.

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