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Tent Cards

Tent CardsTent and Place Cards are an excellent and economic way of conveying information in a variety of sales and marketing situations. We design, print and tape various sizes and orientation of tent cards depending on the application. We can print place cards - in colour or black – from a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Our relationship with you

In addition to producing quality work we are:

FAST – We can design, print and tape tent cards in 2-3 days and place cards in a few hours.
LOCAL – If required we can visit your office – at short notice – to discuss your requirement. Free local delivery is part of our service - or you can collect from our centre in Clarence Street. We have a car park for customers’ use behind the centre.
PERSONAL – If you need further advice please give us a call (0800 999 KWIK – easy to remember and free!) - we are very friendly, helpful, techno-savvy and professional.