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Logo Design

Logo Design It is very important we work closely with clients on designing their logo as it conveys a considerable amount about their business and there are size, shape, colour and application implications to consider.

Initially we would sit down with you so that we can understand your business, what image you want to project and where you will be using the logo (printed material, vans, signs etc.). We can rework from your own sketches or rough designs. We will then offer you a range of options and refine the final choice till you are satisfied with it.

Our relationship with you

Due to the bespoke and very personalised nature of logo design it is essential that we work closely with you. In addition to reliably producing quality work we are:

FAST – We mostly design in a few hours.
LOCAL – If required we can visit business clients’ offices at short notice.
PERSONAL – If you need further advice please give us a call (0800 999 KWIK – easy to remember and free!) - we are very friendly, helpful, techno-savvy and professional.