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Large Cheques

Large ChecksLarge cheques are an excellent PR method of getting certain messages across – whether to the press or for entry in to Staff or Sales Newsletters. We can design, print and mount large cheques, normally up to 1.2 metres in length though larger if required.

Our relationship with you

In addition to producing quality cheques we are:

FAST – We would expect to produce your cheques the same or next day.
LOCAL – If you would like us to we can visit your office – and at short notice. Free local delivery is part of our service - or you can collect from our centre in Clarence Street. We have a car park for customers’ use behind the centre.
PERSONAL – If you need further advice please give us a call (0800 999 KWIK – easy to remember and free!) - we are very friendly, helpful, techno-savvy and professional.