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Desk Tidies or Pen Pot Holders

Desk Tidies or Pen Pot HoldersClients like to have desk tidies to help declutter and so they know when their pens etc. are. Desk tidies, with a permanent message about what you are about and how to contact you, will stay on clients’ desks for years.

Our relationship with you

In addition to designing and producing quality desk tidies we are:

FAST – We can design in a matter of hours and produce in a matter of days.
LOCAL – Free local delivery is part of our service - or you can collect from our centre in Clarence Street. We have a car park for customers’ use behind the centre.
PERSONAL – If you need further advice please give us a call (0800 999 KWIK – easy to remember and free!) - we are very friendly, helpful, techno-savvy and professional.