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Calendars and Wall Planners

Calendars and Wall PlannersWe can design and/or print a range of calendars:

Triangular calendars – 2 or 4 months to view. These can be mailed flat in a C5 envelope which is far more economical for posting than C4

CD case calendars – one month to view. These come in 3 sizes - mini, standard and landscape.  One month to view allows plenty of space for your organisation’s information while still being small enough to sit on someone’s desk.
Wall calendars – one month to view. We can produce these in A5, A4 or A3 size. Their size allows for plenty of information and they don’t need to sit on someone’s desk.

Wall calendars – 12 months to view. We can produce these in A5, A4 or A3 size. The most economic option but, as they don’t change over the course of 12 months there is a risk of client fatigue

If required we can distribute calendars either to different organisation or home addresses.

Our relationship with you

We work very closely with our clients – due to the very individual nature of calendars we need to be your business partner. In addition to producing quality work we are:

FAST – We would expect to produce a design for most calendars in a couple of days and, depending on quantity, produce your calendars the same or next day.
LOCAL – – If it suits you we can visit your office – and at short notice. Free local delivery is part of our service - or you can collect from our centre in Clarence Street. We have a car park for customers’ use behind the centre.
PERSONAL – If you need further advice please give us a call (0800 999 KWIK – easy to remember and free!) - we are very friendly, helpful, techno-savvy and professional.