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E-Mail Marketing

If you’re looking to get your message across quickly and cost effectively, e-mail marketing should probably be your number one choice. More and more companies are realising the potential that it offers, and now Kall Kwik can help deliver the results you need with its e-mail marketing program.

Just consider the benefits...

email marketing

4 steps to a successful e-mail campaign...

1. Build a good e-mail list: Your e-mail list is your most important asset. Make sure you collect e-mail addresses as you deal with your customers.

2. Send relevant e-mails to your mailing list. Rather than just bombarding your customers with sales offers think about what could be useful to them and send them relevant content.

3. Make it easy for your customers to unsubscribe: This is a legal requirement but it also makes good commercial sense. Why send something to someone if they don’t want to receive it?

4. Monitor the results: We have all heard of the old saying that “half of my advertising works, but the problem is I don’t know which half”.  This doesn’t need to happen with e-mail marketing. We provide a report showing you how many people have opened the e-mail, how many clicked through to your web site, how many unsubscribes there have been etc.