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Business card design in Chiswick, London W4

What information should I include on my business card?

Business cards have two functions. On a basic level, they provide your contact information to a prospective client or business acquaintance. On a deeper level, they evoke emotions in the recipient. In an initial meeting, they’ll be judging you. Don’t let your business card let you down at the last hurdle.

Follow our tips to create a business card that is functional and impressive...


1. Your Name and Job Title

Obviously one of the most important roles of your business card will be to portray your name and job title. It’s an introduction to you, so use it in the same way you would introduce yourself. If your name's Stephen but everyone calls you Steve, write Steve on your business card. It avoids having to awkwardly correct someone in the future.

As for your job title, ensure it accurately reflects what you do. As a freelance graphic designer, for example, you may do a number of roles, including business owner. For your client, they’ll want to hire you as a designer so include that as your job title. If you must include owner/founder/MD include this after your main role i.e. Graphic Designer and Owner.

Top Tip: Make sure to tailor your business card to your business. If you’re a creative agency, why not add a nickname to your name or an informal job title such as ‘Creative Genius’ instead of graphic designer.


2. Your company logo and tagline

The other key element to present on your business card is the company you work for. Adding the logo and tagline will make it instantly recognisable for whoever is holding it. A way of showcasing your brand, ensure you follow your corporate guidelines to ensure consistency across all elements of your business stationery.


3. Your contact information

You want someone to be able to contact you. So, make it easy for them. Include your direct telephone number and email address. Use a number that it will be easiest to catch you on. If you’re office-based give your direct line. Out on the road? Your mobile may be more appropriate.

You’ve cemented a relationship by handing over your business card. Now it’s time to keep things professional. No @gmail addresses here, please. Email addresses are provided with most hosting options. Use this professional looking address, even if you then forward it to!

Talking of websites, always include your web address. A website should have all the essential information displayed on a business card on its pages.


4. Social Media

If you use social media to promote your business, then include a link on your business card. If you have a social account but don’t use it, then don’t include it on your card.

Top Tip: Save space by using your social ‘handles’ rather than the whole address. For example @kallkwikchiswick rather than


5. White Space

Not literal white space, of course, but an empty area without text. Business cards should be concise and easy to read. For this reason, some blank space works well.

Top Tip: Double-sided cards mean double the space. Use one side for a full image and one for your contact details.


6. Keep it interesting

All bright business owners know there’s really only one way to ensure they finish ahead of the competition… Be different and stand out from the crowd.

Our print finishes can add unique, tactile elements to your business cards.

Top Tip: Different shapes can look cool. A photographer may want a card shaped like a camera, a tailor in the shape of a bow tie.


Business Card Design in Chiswick W4 and Acton W3

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