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Graphic Design

Great design is at the heart of everything we do and we can help turn your initial ideas into a creative reality


What is Great Graphic Design?

They say ‘You never get a second chance to create a good first impression’ and I think most of us would have to agree with that.

So the quality of your design for Print, Websites, Social Media, Packaging, Promotional Items, Staff Clothing and Vehicle Graphics need to say the right things about your business in all mediums at all times because you never know when or where your next best client is likely to come across your company, intentionally or just by accident.

There are many so called design gurus out there who are happy to polish their egos and publish long and complicated statements about what constitutes great design for business but, no matter what the rhetoric, the truth is that good design is simply about ‘Communicating a Clear and Consistent Visual Message that Adds Value to your Business' …….and that’s what we aim to do.

At Kall Kwik Ashford, our experienced team of Graphic Designers take time to listen and understand the unique features of your business and whether you're looking for a complete corporate re-brand, a new range brochure, the launch of a new product or if you’re a new business just starting out and looking for a distinct identity, we’ll approach your project with the same level of detail, importance and enthusiasm.

Success through Graphic Design

In a competitive trading environment creative design can help your business stand out from your competition and make your marketing and promotional campaigns more successful.

If you’re a new business our design team can create distinctive and memorable logos, develop unique brand identities, ensure your marketing material is aimed at the right target audience, source great images, offer copywriting expertise and give you help and advice to ensure you launch with style and quickly increase awareness of your business and your services.

If you’re an established business with strong brand values already you may need help to support the launch of a new product, develop more repeat business from your existing clients, plan a campaign to attract new high value clients or increase your online presence and we have the experience and skill to help you develop the right level of activity to meet your needs.

We can help you ‘Look the Business’

No matter how good you are at what you do, poorly designed marketing collateral can send out all the wrong messages to clients and prospects alike and you may never get the chance to prove just how good you are if your competitors have spent time developing their brand and the look and feel of their material has more impact than yours.

The design team at Kall Kwik Ashford can ensure you are seen at your very best across all mediums, every time and never again will you have to play second fiddle to your competitors.

Here are just a small selection of the design services we can offer:

  • Design for Print
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Press Advertising
  • Photography
  • Marketing Material
  • Web Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Image Sourcing
  • Colour and Paper Selection 
  • Infographics
  • Creative Ideas

Great design is at the heart of everything we do and we can help turn your ideas into a creative reality.


To book your free initial design consultation call 01233 624345 or send us an email and we’ll respond just as quickly as we can.


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